Pole Dance Classes

Regular gym sessions got you unmotivated? Sick and tired of waiting 30 minutes to walk in place on a treadmill? Come hang out with us, toss your worries to the side and enjoy a work out that is fun, sexy, challenging and empowering!

If you’re brand new to pole your journey is going to start at Level 0 — same amazing work out but we need you to get a good feel for the mechanics before you enter Level 1. Find out more about what you need to know as a beginner to pole dancing.

If you aren’t that new to pole but aren’t so sure where to start, please don’t hesitate to give us a call so we can help get you in the right class.

We offer weekly drop-in classes, specialty workshops, 4 weeks sessions, and private lessons for all levels. Each classes are 60 minutes, otherwise noted.

Pole Dance Classes

Level 0

(The beginning of your pole journey)
We’re so excited you decided to start your journey with us! In level 0 we are going to go over body awareness and mechanics while using your new fitness apparatus. We’re going to cover technique, hand and foot placement, what transitions are and beginner spins and floorwork.


(Beginner Level)
In this class you will learn basic spins, poses and transitions, as well as the basics of climbing the pole, floorwork and strength and conditioning. We'll also teach you how to string moves together for beginner combinations. In addition to having a great time, you will get an amazing cardio and strength training.


(Advanced Beginner Level)
This class is for the experienced beginner polers who are in between the beginner and intermediate level. In this class you will learn spin combos, right up aerial poses, and continuing your pole climbs as well as strength and conditioning.


(Intermediate Level)
In this class you will learn more advanced spins, side climbs, low flow, floor inversions, and low aerial fundamental tricks. You will also learn the basic inversion preps. The primary goal is to help you gain the strength, conditioning, and mechanics for more advanced aerial moves in the next level.


(Advanced Intermediate Level)
This class is for the experienced polers who are able to climb the pole that are in between the intermediate and advanced level. Students will be introduced to basic aerial tricks and inversions. The goal for this level is to build strength, muscle memory, and conditioning to prepare you to tackle advanced aerial moves in the next level.


(Advanced Level)
This class is created for those who are already working on their pole inversions. Progressions for Ayesha (all grips) and handsprings will be taught, along with various aerial tricks.

Other Pole Classes

Flexibility Training

(All Levels)
In this class students will teach safe and effective passive and active stretching techniques for improved flexibility and stability while building strength. We work with all levels from zero flexibility to contortion practice.


(All Levels)
In this class you will learn a mini pole routine. The choreography is based on the latest and hottest Russian Exotic trend.

Chair Dance

(All Levels)
In this class you will learn a mini chair dance routine. This class is open to all levels but some challenging moves will be taught.

Open Pole Practice

(Some pole experience is required)
Open pole class is an non-instructional class for students who wants additional practice time either to work on moves that they've learned, polish current moves, work on a routine, etc. This class is not for brand new students.

Liquid Motion

(All Levels)
In the words of Jeni Janover, creator of Liquid Motion: “The Liquid Motion® program will challenge you both physically and mentally in ways traditional floor work and sensual movement classes never have. The end result is breathtaking and life changing. Liquid Motion® is recognized around the world for its seamless, organic and hypnotic quality of movement. The Liquid Motion® approach is designed by real people, for real people, which means you will be successful. We guarantee it.” Liquid Motion 1.0 content taught by certified instructor, Phoenix James.