Doll House Pole Fitness Classes

Changing the looks of fitness

Are you BORED with your regular fitness routine? Learn to exercise in a new FUN and SEXY way. We offer pole dance classes for the pole virgins to the pole masters.

Though we do not offer sessions, if you do not have experience in pole dancing you are required to take our beginner class to move up to higher level classes. Everyone has to start in the beginner class. Our classes are drop-in friendly. You must take at least 10 of the beginner classes in order to move up to next level.

We offer weekly drop-in classes, specialty workshops, and private lessons for all levels. Each classes are 60 minutes otherwise noted.

Pole Dance Classes

Intro to Pole Dance

(Level 0 – No experience)
If you have never taken a pole dance class, this is the class for you. You will learn the basic pole dance technique from hand and feet placement to walking around the pole, transitions, to basic spins and floor work. You will walk away with all you need to join our level 1 classes.


(Beginner Level)
In this class you will take what you have learned from the intro class and take it to the next level. You will learn how to do work the pole with transitions, spins that will lift you off your feet and floor work! In addition to having a great time, you will get an amazing cardio and strength training.


(Intermediate Level)
Ready to get high off the floor? In this class you will learn how to climb the pole, static pole tricks, low flow, floor inversions and aerial inversion preps.


(Advanced Level)
Ready to climb and invert? This class is created for those who are already working on their pole climbs. This class will teach conditioning for various levels and phases of the inversion and climb. Students will learn the essentials to pole inversions along with aerial tricks.


(Masters Level)
Ready to add more bad-assery to your pole game? If you’ve been taking level 3 for a while and is ready to let our instructors challenge you even more – this class is for you! This is an aggressive class designed to challenge each student in a fast and advance learning environment.

Flexibility Classes

Intensive Flexibility Program

90 Minutes (ALL LEVELS)
This is a monthly program that meets once a week. The classes take place in a warm room. This will prevent injuries and increase your flexibility. This series will teach safe and effective passive and active stretching techniques for improved flexibility and stability while building strength. We work with all levels from zero flexibility to contortion practice.

Other Classes

Exotic Floorwork

(All Levels)
Learn exotic dance floor moves like leg clocks, heel clacks, 45’s and more. This class teaches you how to work the floor to help you transition from pole to pole.


(All Levels)
In this class you will learn a mini routine. The choreography is based on the latest and hottest Russian Exotic trend. This class is open to all levels but some pole experience is suggested.

Chair Dance

(All Levels)
In this class you will learn a mini routine. This class is open to all levels but some challenging moves will be taught.

Open Pole Practice

(All Levels - some pole experience is required)
Pole Play class is an non-instructional class for students who wants additional practice time either to work on moves that they've learned, polish current moves, work on a routine, etc. This class is not for brand new students.