About Doll House Pole Fitness

Doll House Pole Fitness is a fitness facility that empowers the everyday person both for men and women through an alternative fitness program that combines exotic dance and acrobatics. Our safe and non-judgmental environment is a place of encouragement for everyone to feel sexy and free while exercising.

Our studio:

  • Over 2,000+ square feet
  • Plenty of free parking
  • A rockin' lobby
  • Two spacious bathrooms
  • A spacious separate changing room
  • 12 feet competition xpoles
  • Dim lighting and loud music
  • Surround sound system

We are conveniently located right off interstate 66, inside the Sudley Corner Center, near the Northern Virginia Community College. There are Omnilink bus stops close to our studio. Check out their bus schedule For more information click here.

Our purpose is to provide a safe and non-judgmental environment where we bond in the excitement of sculpting our physiques, building self-confidence, and liberating ourselves from the ordinary gym setting.

EST. 2013

Pole Mama/Owner:

Doll House is home of Von Brianna, who recently earned her PRO Pole status at the United States Pole Dance Federation Championship in New York City. She also won first place at the Miss Georgia Pole Championship, the People's Choice Award and Miss Creativity Award at the 2011 Southern Regional Pole Fitness Competition. Von has also competed in numerous other events including 2014 U.S. National Pole Championships in New York City (level 4), 2013 Atlantic Pole Championships in Virginia (level 4), 2012 Southern Regional Pole Fitness Championship in New Orleans (Pro level), and 2011 Battle of the Pole Studios in DC.

Von took her first pole class in 2009 and fell in love after the first spin. Pole dancing has helped her physically and emotionally. It has helped her gain tremendous strength both inside and out. While pole dancing fitness has so many physical benefits, Von believes that it is actually the spiritual side of pole which makes it extra special, and particularly the movement, self-realization and expression and inner growth that occurs when one embarks on the journey of learning how to pole dance. Because Von wanted to share her experience with other people in the Northern Virginia area, she completed a 16 hour-long training program and received Angels Discoveries Pole Dance Fitness Certification, which allowed her to open Doll House Pole Fitness studio.